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Designing desire

Connecting with consumers

“Benjamin Hubert produces really commercial products - and has a strong feeling for what the market is waiting for”

Michel Roset – Director, Ligne Roset

We create products and projects that tap into people’s emotions and connect with their environment. Our designers conduct extensive research into materials and forms that engage people at a sensory level, creating objects that people love to own.

When designing the Container lamp for Ligne Roset, we collaborated with renowned Italian ceramic manufacturer, Bosa, to create the earthenware volumes. These forms are driven by a design language and construction in tune with earthenware production, presenting a re-appropriation of familiar domestic forms. The raw exterior surface offers a tactile finish while the glazed interior softly reflects light in a way that engages emotion. By designing a lamp that creates a positive sensory experience for its users and is sympathetic to their environment, the studio created an object to desire.